CNIB Fast Facts

  1. CNIB has been making a profound difference in the lives of Canadians with vision loss since 1918.
  2. Over 4.25 million Canadians are living with some form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or cataracts.
  3. Telephone Pioneers of Canada spent thousands of hours refurbishing and repairing CNIBís talking book machines for more than 40 years.
  4. Every 12 minutes, someone in Canada develops significant vision loss. CNIB helps people with vision loss lead full, productive lives.
  5. The cost of vision loss is estimated to be $15.8 billion per year, more than other major disorders such as diabetes.
  6. Only 35 per cent of working age people who are living with vision loss are employed.
  7. Older adults with vision loss have twice the risk of sustaining a serious fall, triple the risk of depression and quadruple the risk of a hip fracture.
  8. Seventy per cent of Canadians would not be able to continue working at their present jobs if they were to lose their vision.
  9. Thirty one per cent of Canadians go for an eye exam only once every five years. Eye exams are the only way to detect vision-threatening eye diseases.
  10. By age 65, one in 11 of us will have developed significant vision loss. By age 75, it is up to one in seven.
  11. About 8,000 new people come to CNIB every year. About five hundred of them are children.
  12. CNIB is active in every region of the country. Staff and volunteers working in offices often travel to provide support to people in their homes or those living in rural communities.
  13. CNIBís 10,000 loyal volunteers provide countless hours of service each year.
  14. Less than five per cent of published material in Canada is available in alternative formats. The CNIB Library offers access to thousands of titles in braille, printbraille and talking books, as well as descriptive videos and newspapers.
  15. CNIB spends $1.8 million dollars funding and conducting research each year.
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